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First, a warning. I’m a Chef* and I spend my days thinking about food, not writing ‘ABOUT’ sections. Also, let’s get a few things out of the way: We’re not a concept kitchen or a food movement. We're not a series of deconstructed dishes that paradoxically bring people together. And we are not your Grandmother’s Spit Roast Chimichanga.  Nothing against your Grandmother. Frankly, if she cooks spit roast Chimichanga, props to her.

What we are, is in love with food, and bringing people together to enjoy it. And I’m the founder who started this with a food truck. Mixing an education in fine dining* with a love of street food.  Selling things like BBQ Beets & Smoked Short Rib Tacos* in tin-foil wrappers, out the side of a used fed-ex truck. Constantly concocting tastes that people found both familiar and new. Creating batshit crazy tacos that folks would line up for in the middle of a New York winter.

And those early days of mixing, experimenting and combining. They're today’s days too. The venues have changed and no longer does a flat tire torpedo a days worth of sales. And now I get the privIlege of working with a growing team of partners and team members to keep creating food that makes you look up from your plate and think,  ‘’jeez that’s good, WTF is that?’’ So, that’s why I’m writing this a decade later smelling of Smoky Colorado Green Chili Sauce, with Watermelon Radish stains on my button down.

We’ll keep thinking, and combining and mixing and experimenting and doubling down on the things that you love. And who cares where it takes us as long as it’s somewhere tasty, and somewhere we haven’t been before.

Thanks for making it this far***


Thomas Kelly, 


*definitely not formally trained or educated but i did show up for five years  at a couple of the city's best restaurants and work for free after my day job.

**this was the first thing we ever sold. Its not on the menu anymore but if you want it, the chef might make it.

***Seriously, thanks. Have a nip of mezcal on me. Just ask your server for my favorite, and keep this between us.